Adjusting to my new “normal”

Fibromyalgia can go to hell.

I used to love being active and fit.
Lifting was my therapy.
In the spring and summer I would run.
I still hated cardio. But it was a bit different and would get me outside. The heart benefits were worth it too.

I moved to Canada.
I thought it was the weather.
Maybe depression.
I used to have some problems with fatigue here and there in the past, but no where near what the past almost two years has been like.
I had also switched to a plant based diet.
Maybe it was lack of nutrients?

After lots of blood work and an in depth review of my medical history, my family doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

I was not really prepared for that.
I was hoping that I could just take a vitamin or something to make me feel like my old self again. That would have been so much easier.
Now, I have to pace myself.
Take more breaks.
Learn to say no.
Which, maybe in the long run might actually be better.
I will have to learn to take time for myself and put myself first from time to time.

At least I have answers.
I just have to accept that this is my new normal and adjust.